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ETF Recap

John Carter 12/9/2013

Hi everybody, this is John. Welcome to the free video for Simpler Options. I continue to like Blackberry I call this the stock of death. It's interesting because you know, when stocks go down like this it either attracts bargain hunters, it's like, oh my god, we gotta buy this stock. It's you know, so cheap or the stock just -- I mean companies become irrelevant. And so, on this one you know, I mean I got a target of $1.39 on this stock to the down side. Not a big bet, just you know, 10 contracts here deep in the money puts and you know, see if we can ride this out, make a little money on a stock's demise. So, so far good there.

3 of My Favorite ETF Trades Going Into 2014

On the ETF front, had a great ETF options strategy class on Saturday. I'll show you the ETFs we talked about. UNG, a favorite, natural gas futures up over night. So at this point UNG should gap up. If we take a look at that position here for UNG, I am looking at this as more of a swing trade. I like the energy complex in general. So 100 shares here just to mark where we got interested in the stock and I think we can get to 22 bucks or so. And just got some in the money, out of the money calls, plenty of time here so we don't have to worry about Theta decay, right. So that's UNG.

And then USO the other one here, I think this move is just getting started. It's probably time for a little bit of a pause. If you like this position and have not gotten it yet -- this is one that I kind of got in a little late on USO. So the same thing though, 131 days out and see if this thing can get going. I got in a little bit earlier just on crude oil futures. That was like around $94.00 --but I want to flip these as we near these first targets and then hold on to USO.

And then from there to the YEN...I think the YEN again, 103 days out is just something that's going to continue going higher. Sorry, the puts will continue going higher as the YEN continues to get destroyed. So those are the three of my favorite ETF trades. Talked a lot of ETFs on Saturday as well. And looking forward to -- for those of you who signed up for the live trading this week, I'm looking forward to working with you on that as well, all right. Have a great week and we'll see you at the next update.