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High Probability Iron Condors

John F. Carter 1/13/2014

Welcome to the free video and a look at a couple of stocks here. And one -- and it's always interesting when looking at stocks. You're going to have you know, situations like this where you're just kind of trading sideways and then you have a combination of kind of a squeeze and some volume that propels it higher. The whole idea of trading -- for me -- the whole goal is that you know, when you find stuff like this, this is great. And this is when you can sit there and either sell put spreads and or call spreads for income.

The goal then is to looking for making consistent income while you wait for one of these to set up. OK. One of the biggest questions I always get is how to do that. How do you discern when you should be buying calls -- kind of going for that big kind of spike up in your equity curve versus just trying to get some consistent income while you're waiting for that next move.

So we are going to have a class this upcoming Wednesday, January 15th from 7 to 9 o'clock east coast time. And Bruce will be here. Bruce is kind of our hands down expert on trading for income. That's all he does. He's been doing it for twenty years for himself and for hedge funds.

In this class he's going to be talking about his favorite way to trade a small account for income. And these are accounts between a $5,000 and $25,000 dollar range. Also he's going to talk about trading this one high probability Iron Condor in any market, whether it's any market condition or volatility environment, low maintenance easy to understand trade set ups, very specific step by step rules to tell you exactly what to do, and kind of going through all that.

This class -- if you're seeing this, you can actually sign up for this from $97.00 and then later we'll be posting it at the site for $297.00. OK. So hopefully that helps make sense. We get a lot of questions on that -- just kind of the whole idea of consistent income from a smaller account and what are the safest type of trades to do. And this is the answer to that question. OK. I'll be on there as well in terms of listening in. I always enjoy Bruce's presentation. He brings a ton of experience into this and I always learn something new when I listen to him. So looking forward to seeing you there on Wednesday. Have a good night. See you at the next update.