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Next Target on TSLA

John f. Carter - March 10, 2016

Hey, this is John, welcome to the free video. Pretty quiet today, as to be expected. We've got tomorrow morning at 7:30 Central it's the ECB come announcement, kind of equivalent of our Fed FOMC meeting. The S&P chart is bullish, on 195 minute chart, and if there wasn't an ECB announcement at 7:30, I would be willing to have exposure to this, but really this squeeze could go either way. My goal is to kind of play it light, going into the announcement.

So this is how my portfolio is structured going into tomorrow. We did pick up some more Tesla today. I texted that out. And I'll show you the chart on that one. I do just like the momentum set-up behind it. I got a small put position on the SPYders as a hedge, because most my positions are betting sideways to long, so at least that way, I got something there.

Priceline, that's more of an iron condor. We'll talk about that. Netflix, iron condor, and we'll talk about that. What's he other interesting one? Google. Biogen. That's kind of what I have. A decent little pop today. So now the question is, what are some of these positions. and what are we hoping to do it?

Well, with Biogen, that's just a bet that the stock is going to continue going lower. You can see that it's grinding lower. I want exposure to that, so we set that up. And then for Netflix and Google and Priceline, it's really a different kind of bet. I'm not really betting that it's going to go much higher or much lower. I'm making a bet on this stock that we're just going to kind of stay in a nice, contained range. So I sold options outside of that range, and if we keep trading small like this, then we'll make money on the trade. I did the same thing with Google. Google here is just kind of trading sideways. And then I did the same thing with Priceline. Same thing. It's just trading sideways.

On the other hand, with Tesla, this is a little different. We've got some momentum going here. What I like here is the high short interest, but you can see on a 30 minute chart, we actually did set up a squeeze into the close. That does bode well for a potential gap up, and if we can gap, I'd expect a fairly quick move to the snow line. So what we're doing is we're placing orders to sell our options if we get a gap up into that level. Remember, if we get a gap up, the premium will also expand. You can get a pretty good price on a gap up like that. That's the plan there. If it does gap down, I actually I think it's a viable pullback, but obviously the easiest trade at this point is to flip those out at the open. Right?

So that's the handful of things we've got going on. Again, the ECB announcement will be at 7:30 in the morning, and by the time the cash session opens at 8:30 Central in the morning, we'll have a better idea of what's at stake for the overall market. It won't be a dull day.

All right. Just a reminder. I have a class this Saturday. It is going to be a fun one.

You can see there's a countdown clock here for the bonus stuff. Let's dive in and take a look at it. The first thing is I did is mention that tomorrow is the ECB announcement, before the opening bell, and that does require a special kind of trading technique. We did, on purpose, schedule the live trading portion of this class during the FOMC announcement, so you can see how to trade those reports live. So, just real quick here, all the strategies and things like that, I'm gonna be talking about on Saturday. For example, the Tesla trade. Why did I pick that trade? How did I find it? How am I managing it? And why would I do it again? I don't trade Tesla all the time, but when specific things happen, I do. Okay, the week before that, I had a big trade in Netflix. Why did I choose Netflix? What was I looking for? What had to come together, specifically, for me to do that? And why did I buy the options that I did? Those are the things that I'm gonna be going over. It's going to be a combination of those base hits, as well as those home runs, but then, also kind of updating my own trading plan and trade checklist for this market environment.

The market environment has changed. These classes are an opportunity to get, essentially, up to speed with all the changes and all the tools, and all the updates, at least that I've done to my trading, so you can either do it on your own, or understand what I'm doing as I'm doing it. And the most popular is this three-day version. By the way, if you're in the bonus period, you actually get a free day of live trading with the Saturday class. That's highly recommended, simply because you'll be able to see, in practice, in a live environment with real money, how this stuff works, why I'll be making the decisions I make. And also, on that Saturday class, we're going to talk specifically about mobile trading, and how that works. What I've found is that the most popular option here is that you do this one, and it's a slightly larger investment, but I would say the return on investment is ten times. So you're still doing the strategy class, but you get three days of live trading. We're going to do it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday--the 15th 16th 17th--which includes FOMC, plus there's actually a fourth day, about ten days later. where you can ask follow-up questions, follow up on trades, and make sure that you're completely up to speed. That'll be during market hours. This is $997 and includes this.

And last but not least ... and the live trading, even if you work full time, the feedback that I get on the live trading is like, it's just when it comes home, it's like, "Wow. All this stuff you talked about, now I can see in real time how that's working, when you're getting out of positions soon because they're not working, like what criteria do you use." All that stuff makes a lot more sense real-time than it does when looking at a PowerPoint. So that will be fun. Of course, I am live trading. You can mimic my trades during the class. My goal is that if you're trading a one lot, you're actually able to pay for the class. So that's obviously nice.

And then, if you like a live event, we're gonna do a live mentoring environment here in Austin at the end of June. It's a small group, limited to a little over 50 people. Right now, with the bonus, you get $1000 off. And that also includes this and this. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun, and you guys are going to be excited about the stuff I'm going to be showing you on Saturday. We'll see you then.