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Let's face it...

Trading is the greatest business in the world...

·       unlimited income potential

·       be your own boss

·       choose your own hours

·       trade where ever there is an Internet connection

but times...well...they are a changin'.

And this is nothing new!

Markets are constantly evolving especially in the options world.

For example, what will you do in 2013 to prepare for:

·       The advent of multiple weekly options contracts (yep it's finally here)

·       Options on Futures (the best kept secret in options is no longer a secret)

·       Risk management tools from Think or Swim & Tradestation

...just to name a few

And then there are literally unknowns in the macro environment that can wipe you out if you're in the wrong kind of trade at the wrong time.

·       Will the fiscal cliff force large shareholders into sellers to protect their profits from the tax man?

·       How will stocks react to Bernanke's printing press continuing to flood the markets with liquidity?

·       What does Obama's second term mean for the markets?

These are questions no trader has an answer for yet you need to know how to trade in spite of these unknowns.

We Can Guide You!!

Hi, my name is John Carter

and I'm the founder of SimplerOptions.com and creator of the "John Carter Studies" found in Think or Swim.

But more importantly, I'm a full time professional trader and investor. So, I understand what it's like to be you and do what you do...

Yes, as soon as I wake up I turn on my ipad to check the futures markets.

Yes, I hope for WiFi connection on the airplane to check market quotes.

I eat, breath, and sleep trading.

You see, in my experience, most of the so called "trading workshops" are taught by who I refer to as "power point traders." They are far better at talking about trading than they are at actually trading.

They don't know what it's like to risk their own time and their own money - they just know how to hindsight trade what REAL traders are doing.


        I don't know about you, but I don't want to learn how to trade from "power point traders." I want to learn trading from REAL traders who take REAL risks with REAL money.

        That's why I started these workshops where literally hundreds of traders live and online come together to learn, share ideas, and develop a trading plan.

This is NOT an ordinary event...

        The Professional Options Traders Workshop has sold out every time (with over half of our attendees rejoining us for the next one) simply because it is different.

Here's why:

1) It's NOT a "pitch fest"

        I'm sure you've been to events where every speaker in a $1,200 suit parades in front of you trying to sell you their latest and greatest trading strategy. Well this is not that! In fact...

2) It's NOT a multi-speaker event

        I will have Henry, Carolyn, and Cindy Faber sharing from time to time only because of overwhelming positive feedback I've gotten from their brief sessions, but again, it will not be a revolving door. I will be doing the majority of the presenting. However, I hope you understand I physically can't speak nonstop for 3 days straight. :)

3) It's NOT a weekend of recycled, old, out-dated info

        Every workshop I bring in what's new and what's working NOW. So I will be spending a lot of time trading REAL time markets. Sadly not all strategies work all the time. Workshop attendees ALWAYS hear it first.

4) It's NOT an "Options 101" workshop

        You can expect to hear 100% intermediate to advanced options trading strategies and information. However, Henry & Jeff will be hanging around to answer questions and fill in any gaps.

There is ZERO theory here. It's all "been there - done that" and "this works, this doesn't" from the very first session.

You Have To Take Action To Get Results…