Raghee’s Setup on BIDU 10/9/17
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Raghee's Setup on BIDU 10/9/17

Raghee Horner

I like some of the heavier weighted names in the KWEB ETF. Namly, BIDU, BABA, and SINA. So basically, I have a bullish bias and want to buy each on a pullback, although momentum buys in the BIDU and BABA are valid. However, because I don't have Propulsion, there is a higher likelihood of a retracement lower after the breakout ... and I calibrate (expect) that and usually look to buy into a test of support.

If you have setups in BIDU, BABA, or SINA, or even the KWEB itself, that would be a good response to the trade(s) of the week here.