Running Multiple Instances of TOS on a Mac
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Running Multiple Instances of TOS on a Mac

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TOS Dup. on Mac, November 21, 2012
By gc10 - See all my articles    
I always rate U 10 Stars !!!
Thank U for sparking me to get back into Mac world..
Do you use iMac for your main work computer?

How do you feel about IPad 4 for Option trading while traveling?
I would only get wifi model.

I am in Catalunya, Spain using Orange for Movil (Samsung Galaxy 3)
l wonder if TOS will work on Samsung Galaxy Note or others?

Looking forward to U in room wed.

Have a Great turkey day and "Cap de Setmana"
As an American Resident in Catalunya, I can vote in Local y Provincial Elections.
I will be casting my vote for Catalunya Independence from Espanya 25-Nov.
So will celebrate watching CNN coverage all day 26th...for results

Blessed Regards
Clayton Whitney