Feds Refuse to Rein in Bulls
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Feds Refuse to Rein in Bulls

John F. Carter 12/19/2013

So the spiders today obviously had a huge banner day. The Fed came out and essentially created a statement that was beautiful in its simplicity and essentially confirmed everything that they wanted to happen. So they introduced a little bit of tapering, not much.

The stock market was relieved, it exploded higher. Obviously, any sell signals at this point that were here have been eradicated with this super strong breakout. So they did a great job there. And from there because they did introduce -- so it was just a little bit of tapering so that didn't scare the stock market but it was enough tapering to push gold lower...to put more pressure on bonds, to put more pressure on the YEN. And so they essentially got exactly what they wanted.

So what I'm going to do in the premium video, we're going to go through the updated buy and sell signals on a lot of these big asset classes and then show you the plays that I'm looking at for the rest of the week. All right. See you on the premium video.