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TWTR and Tax Loss Selling

John F. Carter 12/27/2013

Hey everybody, welcome to the free video for simpler options. Today it was just about Twitter. I think TWTR was about all the volume on the New York Stock exchange today.

So what's going on here? Do we panic, do we short it, does everybody freak out? No. Remember it's all about supply and demand. So here was the last symmetrical move, we consolidated, and here we go again. So really, logically this move would end around here, you know, give or take. Today's high was 74.73. If you look at timing on this, and again this is not as sophisticated as what Caroline does. Timing on this would be 12/31, which would be the last trading day of the year, so that makes sense. So you know, maybe a little bit of you know, action in here.

But at this point, I mean is Twitter overvalued? Of course. Can the price support it's -- you know is it really worth buying here at 300 times EBITDA, of course not. Is the demand greater than the available supply? Yes, so it goes higher. But anyway, that's what I'm looking for. I've got some positions here and at that point I'm looking at taking profits. OK.

So I want to give you some ideas too. A lot of questions on the tax loss selling course coming up. This is the best one we did last year. And this is on Netflix but this met all the criteria and you can see here, essentially where we got in was the 30th and 31st between about $88.00 and $91.00, and then got out -- flipped out about a couple of weeks later you know up here in from around like $98.00 up to around $107 some-odd dollars. But it was a pretty classic move. And what happens is -- this is specifically what happens to a stock after all the tax loss selling pressure is off.

So then, the question becomes, how do you find this? You know this is actually the best way to kick off the New Year where you find these stocks that meet this criteria. Last year Netflix happened to be one of them. It doesn't meet the criteria for this year, but on this class coming up on Monday and Tuesday I'm going to talk about which stocks meet the criteria and we'll be taking those trades live. OK.

So if you go to this link,, it'll bring you to this page and what we're going to look for, it's a combination of option plays and stock plays. So for example there's one stock I'm watching right now that's currently trading at a $1.82 that completely meets the criteria and I will take this trade live on Monday and Tuesday.

There are also some larger stocks that meet this criteria perfectly and we'll be doing those trades on Monday and Tuesday. So I've got my watch list here and then it really just depends on the action on Monday and Tuesday and specifically Tuesday determine whether or not we actually take the trade. So this will be a class on Monday, December 30th from 2 to 4 east coast time. And then on Tuesday the 31st from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning and then 2 to 4. And then that's when we place a lot of the trades. So OK, and then the next day the markets are close because of New Years. So we're going to be talking about how to use the low risk high reward tax loss selling strategy that only happens once a year. I've done it every year for ten years and have made money every single time and good money.

How to time the trades for the best entry The psychological factors behind tax loss selling Money management tricks and techniques What criteria make a potential tax loss selling stock; because once I show you this, you can do it every year on your own. How to scan for stocks that meet the criteria

And of course, you'll get a DVD with this. And this class, we're going to post it on the site for $497.00. If you are getting this email you can sign up now for $297. I mean so far every time we've done this class, even if you've got a small account, it's easily paid for the course. OK. Hope that helps. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. It's going to be this upcoming Monday and Tuesday, the 30th and the 31st. Now the 30th you don't need to attend live. You can skip it. You'll get the recording that night and then you can kind of check that out and review it. But you know it's a good idea to be able to, at least from 2 to 4 o'clock, at know I get some people that are working and stuff like that. But if you can log in, or you know, if for some reason you can't log in, I mean we could probably figure out something, we can at least send you all the plays that we're doing. We'll end up doing about a dozen of them. But you want the actual trades. That's how you get the positions. That's how you essentially end up paying for the course, is by getting the actual trades. The rest of the stuff you can review later because you'll get a copy of it. All right. Hope that helps. Looking forward to seeing you guys and we'll see you at the next update.