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Target Options Trading

John F. Carter 1/2/2014

Welcome to the free video for simpler options and happy New Year. Let's look at two things. One we're going to look at the end of the year play which was Target -- TGT options trading strategy, one of the many ones we did.

For this one, what I'm looking for here, obviously as you can see Target has been plagued by misery from all the credit card stuff. We're kind of looking that the tax loss sellers came in here and initially on Tuesday. Initially on Tuesday, there was some selling. We stepped in, bought some of that, ended the day with a profit. But I'm also looking for some additional upside here with the Target here at 64.38. So what I like to do on stuff like that is trail and then just kind of look at some first Target, see if we can get into that. All right, and then if things you know, really pan out here we could get up actually through 65.

But remember we gotta go in with the attitude that we don't know what's going to happen. We do have a squeeze, the momentum's going higher. So I would look at this is that if we can get up to 64.38, you know a little bit upside on Thursday and Friday, it's a good place to take some off and continue to trail up the stop as we talked about in the webinar.

What else...oh gosh, so many things to look at. Let's just look at the spiders. So what about the stock market. Well what I'm looking for here is for Thursday and Friday and possibly Monday is for stocks continually going higher -- and potentially not even sloppy choppy, just what's going to happen is at the beginning of the year a lot of funds are going to have money to put to work. They're going to want to buy a pull back. OK. But the market makers know this. They're going to goose the futures, they're going to push them up and force mutual funds to buy. So on Thursday -- I don't say this very much -- but I think it's OK to chase on Thursday.

Mutual funds are going to be forced to buy for a couple of days but you know, don't get married to these positions. And you know any stocks that are performing well should continue to go higher for the first couple of days before we see a decent pull back. All right. So hope that helps. Looking forward to working with you guys in 2014 and have a good rest of the day. See you at the next video.