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John F. Carter 1/3/2014

Welcome to the free video. Very strange day today and I talked about this at length in the premium video. We had what's called a risk off day in the funds which means essentially everything goes down except Yen/dollar, notes, gold and silver.

I was concerned to say the least. I mean if that's something that's going to last more than a day or two then this market could be in trouble. But we also know that in 2013 anytime the market was down like two days in a row it just started to bounce again. So what I want to do is kind of focus on individual stocks that really didn't get too caught up in the selling. Tesla's a good one here. We just got a little bit of a downtrend here. If we could pop through that we should see Tesla actually have a pretty decent little pop up.

And then I do like the 3D printers here. I mean they're -- you know again the stock market was down today. It was pretty crappy, but DDD managed to hold its own and these 3D printing stocks continue to gather steam and gather momentum. OK. And now I'm going to jump into the premium video. We got a lot talk about. We got the end of the year plays. We've got all the stuff that's going on with the risk...this potential risk off type environment and what to do and then potential other stocks for tomorrow as well. OK. You guys have a good night and we'll see you at the next update.