The Basic EMAs
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The Basic EMAs

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Comparing this video to the Mastering The Trade Text, March 5, 2013
By pdykes - See all my articles    
In the Mastering the Trade text, chapter 18, Propulsion Plays, focuses on the 8 and 21 day ema. Can you explain if the strategy has changed, e.g. the 5, 13 were a focus in this video vs. the 8 ema in the text. E.g. 13/21 was focus in the video vs. the 8/21 in the text.

Also, Carolyn' work discusses the 8/34 ema for intraday and 5 (vs. 13) /13 (vs. 21) for daily, and a good confirmation for intraday (e.g. both going the same way at time of trade, best chance for trigger). The 5/13 seems to be the sync point between your video above and carolyn's work, so the 8/21 is the probably the outlier, again, wondering if something has changed.

Finally, in both texts, when the shorter crosses over, and it is above the longer term, e.g. 50 and 200 was pointed out as best strategic placements. Opposite when going short. Is this valid guidance for daily swing trading using these emas?

Since this focus was on the daily, is there an intraday guidance or does this apply to both?

Thanks for your input. Perry