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Tune in as professional trader, John F. Carter, analyzes the current action into today's options market. With over 20 years of trading experience, John has been featured on CNBC, CME Group, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Tasty Trade and many more.

The Big 3
Henry Gambell — February 21, 2017
The Nasdaq has been on a stellar run, and I don't think it's done yet. I'm a big FAN of these three tickers for next week...let's look at the setup and a few ways to play them. . . . keep reading
2 Pins and a Fade
Henry Gambell — February 17, 2017
GS and AAPL have very similar setups as we head into tomorrow. Let's review both of those and look at another play in GS that generates some positive theta over the 3 day weekend. . . . keep reading
My 4 Weekly Income Trades for This Week?
John F. Carter — February 16, 2017
Weekly income trades are one of my favorites, and I trade them totally different from the directional trades. Here's why. . . . keep reading
Three Setups For Weekly Income by Friday.
John F. Carter — February 15, 2017
These are my favorite risk to reward income trades setting up for this week. . . . keep reading
Compare and Contrast
Henry Gambell — February 14, 2017
Heading into monthly expiration, volatility is one of the most important things to take into consideration. There's not a ton of it out there right now, but knowing when to pick one ticker over another can be the difference between a win and a loss when Friday rolls around. . . . keep reading
Before and After
Henry Gambell — February 13, 2017
I like doing these free videos in a way that you can see the thought process prior to the announcement, the results of earnings, and how we manage our spreads around it. Today we're looking at that in EXPE, ATVI, and NVDA. . . . keep reading
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