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Tune in as professional trader, John F. Carter, analyzes the current action into today's options market. With over 20 years of trading experience, John has been featured on CNBC, CME Group, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Tasty Trade and many more.

Henry Gambell — June 27, 2017
Some of these Chinese stocks have been doing better than others, and while MOMO did not rip higher I am looking for it to hold recent lows. There are several ways to try and take advantage of that. Let's look at a few in tonight's free video newsletter. . . . keep reading
What Are The Internals Telling Us?
John F. Carter — June 26, 2017
For my weekend review, I always like to see what these three market internals are saying about the weeks ahead. . . . keep reading
Watch This as an Indicator for the Next Market Move?
John F. Carter — June 23, 2017
It's common knowledge that the stock market doesn't trade in a vacuum. But what's influencing it the most right now? Let's take a look. . . . keep reading
Hedging Your Spreads
Henry Gambell — June 22, 2017
There's always several ways to look at trading earnings reports, but if you're afraid you may not nail the strikes on your butterfly, try to pay for them with a credit spread. That's how we laid out ORCL ahead of their report, and it looks like it may be helpful with a better than expected move. . . . keep reading
Three Income Trades for This Week.
John F. Carter — June 21, 2017
While the markets continue to generate mixed signals, I'm very comfortable sitting on these three income trades. . . . keep reading
My Kind of News
Henry Gambell — June 20, 2017
NVDA is a hot topic, and with that in mind, it's common to see several takes on the headlines. I try to take all of that and distill it down to a technical point of view. This is how it played out with this particular name. . . . keep reading
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