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Tune in as professional trader, John F. Carter, analyzes the current action into today's options market. With over 20 years of trading experience, John has been featured on CNBC, CME Group, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Tasty Trade and many more.

Is Scaling In as Bad as Averaging Down?
John F. Carter - December 9, 2016
There is a saying in trading that goes, "Never average down on a loser." Let's take a look at the difference of when that it is okay and when it is forbidden. . . . keep reading
Key Levels for Day and Swing Trading
John F. Carter - December 8, 2016
While indicators can be a big help, it's these levels that make or break most traders. . . . keep reading
3 of the Dow 30
Henry Gambell - December 7, 2016
The Dow continues to hover near all-time highs and I don't think it's done yet. We don't necessarily need to buy the index but some of its components are ready to move. . . . keep reading
Fossil Fuels vs. The Future
Henry Gambell - December 6, 2016
The correlation between TSLA and crude is something that comes up quite often. I'm looking at fresh plays in both, but not for the reasons you might expect. . . . keep reading
In This Trade I'm Risking $80 to Make $920
John F. Carter - December 5, 2016
In looking over my research towards my favorite trading opportunities for next week, this is one of the main ones that stood out. . . . keep reading
When Will Reallocation End?
John F. Carter - December 2, 2016
A big question from traders today has been, "How much further can tech fall? How much higher can financials go?" Great question. Let's take a look. . . . keep reading
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