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Using Theo Price
Henry Gambell
Theoretical price is a helpful tool when trying to determine what your options will be worth under a variety of circumstances. Today we're going to look at that in relation to a short call spread and a directional put option. . . . keep reading
Client Requests: Bid/Ask and Symmetry
Henry Gambell
In today's Thinkorswim video we look at two client questions, one revolving around understanding the bid/ask of options and the other looking at a few ways to use symmetry and trendline. . . . keep reading
Tips & Tricks for Managing Unbalanced Butterflies
Henry Gambell
As the market shifts to more of a range-bound dynamic, unbalanced butterflies have been a great strategy to employ. Today's video looks at some of the nuances of managing them with examples from perfect to terrible and a few in-between. . . . keep reading
Managing In The Money Butterflies
Henry Gambell
The big difference in needing to close a butterfly vs. being able to let it expire is whether or not you're in the money. Let's look at a couple examples. . . . keep reading
Day Trading TSLA Using Fibonacci Analysis
Henry Gambell
TSLA had a nice breakout to start the day. Here's some live analysis on working to buy the pullback. . . . keep reading
Setting Up IV Percentile Chart Labels
Henry Gambell
Today we're looking at chart labels and another way of viewing IV%. . . . keep reading
Setting Up Swing Trading Charts (Part 2)
Henry Gambell
Today's TOS video follows up on creating a swing trading workspace, getting into intraday charts and the indicators we follow on them. . . . keep reading
Setting Up Swing Trading Charts (Part 1)
Henry Gambell
There's a lot that goes into the creation of a workspace. Today we look at TOS charts from a scratch layout to a 8 celled swing style analysis. . . . keep reading
From Text to Mobile to Entry
Henry Gambell
With mobile alerts on the rise it helps knowing how to take your alert and actually get it all the way to entry. Today's video follows that through Think or Swim mobile on an iPhone. . . . keep reading
Finding the Right Tools
Henry Gambell
Good trading is all about having the right tools. Having the right tools means you need to know how to find the right tools. Today's video should point you in the right direction for whatever kind of tutorial you're looking for. . . . keep reading
Market Internals Tweaks
Henry Gambell
Today's Think or Swim video looks at the Market Internals workspace we use each morning and some quick tweaks for those that have already downloaded the workspace. . . . keep reading
JVM Error
Henry Gambell
Today's TOS tip is going to get a little techie. JVM errors seem to be popping up a lot and while I can't replace TOS support I can at least show you what fixed the problem for me. . . . keep reading
Earnings & Expirations
Henry Gambell
During earnings season it's important to know if the contracts you're trading will be impacted by the report. You can do it manually, or there's a few tips in TOS that can speed up your workflow. . . . keep reading
Afterhours Spreads
Henry Gambell
Bid ask spreads can get pretty wide once a market is closed. Let's look at how that shows up in your P&L. . . . keep reading
2 Basic Charting Tips
Henry Gambell
Today's Think or Swim video looks at two basic, but very helpful chart features of the platform. . . . keep reading
How to Identify Targets for a Setup
Carolyn Boroden 12/11/2013
How to identify targets for a setup . . . keep reading
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