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Two Different Setups, Two Profitable Trades.
John F. Carter - January 12, 2017
While today's action was all over the place, these two setups were clean, though they were totally different. . . . keep reading

This Correlation Giving a Major Heads Up?
John F. Carter - January 11, 2017
Some of the reliable stock market patterns are working here. Some aren't. The key that's driving this market? Understanding these correlations. . . . keep reading

The Next Setup in GS
Henry Gambell - January 10, 2017
Financials have every sign of moving higher, though it may take until the end of the week until they can do it. Here are two ways to think about trading it depending on your risk tolerance and how long you'd like to hold the trade. . . . keep reading

With the First Trading Week Now Under Our Belt, What Can We Expect Next?
John F. Carter - January 9, 2017
As we head into next week, here is my next target on the SPY and a few stocks and setups that fit right into my trading plan. . . . keep reading

Taking NFLX to the Next Level
Henry Gambell - January 6, 2017
NFLX is less than $1.00 from an all-time high, but buying the highs isn't always easy. Here's a few thoughts on how we'll handle our positions heading into tomorrow and how to setup a fresh entry should we see any weakness at the open. . . . keep reading

My Favorite Setups For Tomorrow.
John F. Carter - January 5, 2017
Although stocks are extended here, there isn't a lot of money to be made fighting the tape. But there is money to be made in these two setups. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 7 thru 12 of 1093 Found BACK NEXT

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