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Are These Two Stocks Going to Pull a NVDA?
John F. Carter — August 10, 2017
We recently caught a nice trade on NVDA. These two are looking to do the exact same thing. . . . keep reading

Three Active Trades
Henry Gambell — August 9, 2017
The difference between a pullback and a sell-off primarily depends on your entry. Here's three names that I think are still worth considering to the long side. . . . keep reading

3 Ways to Trade a Bullish Trend
Henry Gambell — August 8, 2017
BABA was back in favor today with a strong gap to start the session and nice follow-through into the close. The most outright way to play it is buying calls, but spreading your risk may be more appropriate for shorter time frames. . . . keep reading

Ready for the Next Leg Higher?
Henry Gambell — August 7, 2017
Transports have seen a sharp sell-off, but they held the first key area we were looking to for support. Now we just have to see if we can clear resistance and if we can, how we might play that for the next leg higher. . . . keep reading

Bullish or Bearish Income Trades In This Market?
John F. Carter — August 4, 2017
When the goal is income from the markets, it doesn't really matter where it comes from. You just want to be aware of the right strategy to use at the right time. . . . keep reading

What Won't Follow the Market Here?
John F. Carter — August 3, 2017
The markets continue their gyrations, with some stocks rallying, others swooning, but everyone marching to their own beat. How to play it? . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 7 thru 12 of 1237 Found BACK NEXT

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