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Another Round of Earnings
Henry Gambell — February 10, 2017
We had another group of companies due to report earnings after the close. The butterflies look to be the most effective at current prices and we'll have a few verticals to work around. Let's take a look. . . . keep reading

Old Earnings and a New Setup
Henry Gambell — February 9, 2017
In tonight's free video we spend some time reviewing a few tickers from last week, their action post-earnings, and another common name that I think is ready to catch a bid. . . . keep reading

How Do I Know Where to Buy a Call or Just Do an Iron Condor?
John F. Carter — February 8, 2017
Buying calls--or selling iron condors--work great some of the time. The key, of course, is to narrow down "which" time it works best. Let's take a look at NFLX and GOOGL. . . . keep reading

Which Currency Will Move the Market Next?
John F. Carter - February 7, 2017
While there is a lot of backing and filling going on here, and there are some great moves in individual stocks--the overall market is waiting for this currency to make a move. . . . keep reading

An Outlook on Earnings
Henry Gambell - February 6, 2017
Next week should be fairly active as we dive into the next round of earnings. These two companies report towards the beginning of the week and give us a chance to look at selling premium in a neutral way, and how to do it with a directional bias. . . . keep reading

A Trio of Trades
Henry Gambell - February 3, 2017
We had several key earnings reports due after Thursday's close. I chose AMZN, CMG and GPRO for a few various options spreads. Let's look at how they're trading now and some levels to consider for tomorrow. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 7 thru 12 of 1113 Found BACK NEXT

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