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Two Different Stocks, Two Different Strategies for Tomorrow.
John F. Carter — March 17, 2017
I'm heavily into both NFLX and MOMO for tomorrow's trade. Here's how I'm playing them and why I structured them differently. . . . keep reading

Next Target on the QQQ Plus Monthly Pins & Earnings . . .
John F. Carter — March 16, 2017
This is how we are set up for ORCL earnings and our pinning plays into the end of the week. . . . keep reading

Although I'm Not Touching the Indexes Here, I Love These Two Stocks
John F. Carter — March 15, 2017
The markets are in hurry up and wait mode. And they are extended away from their mean on the weekly charts. What's a trader to do? Head to a friendlier playground. . . . keep reading

Two Ways to Get Short
Henry Gambell — March 14, 2017
The first quarter of 2017 has been very directional, and while I still favor the long side, it's worth looking at a couple of ways to neutralize delta while still holding positive theta into Friday. . . . keep reading

One More Push
Henry Gambell — March 13, 2017
Indexes closed the week fairly muted, but I think there's another leg higher. It's not to say I'm loading up long, but there's a fine line between staying bullish while still acknowledging monthly expiration. Let's look at a few ways to do that. . . . keep reading

Ready for Non-Farm Payroll?
John F. Carter — March 10, 2017
Bears had some exciting action today for about 45 minutes, then got rammed into the close. This does set us up for a short squeeze tomorrow, especially at the open. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 7 thru 12 of 1137 Found BACK NEXT

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