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Articles tagged with Options Trading Tips

Relative Strength
John F Carter 1/31/2014
Let's review stocks that are showing strength relative to the market... . . . keep reading

Can The S&P Get through This Level?
John F Carter 1/29/2014
Tomorrow I'd look for a rally into FOMC, but after that who knows whats going to happen. I'm looking for stocks that are stronger than the S&P. Let's dive in... . . . keep reading

The plane trade strikes again
John F Carter 1/27/2014
Whenever I travel the markets get volatile and we saw this on Friday with a big move down. Is this another decline you buy or is this something more serious? . . . keep reading

SBUX Iron Fly
Henry Gambell 1/24/2014
Today's free video takes a peek into the afternoon chat session where we take a detailed look at setting up earnings on SBUX and some low risk ways to play high volatility. . . . keep reading

Follow Up on CREE Trade
John F. Carter 1/23/2014
Quick review of how our earnings trades in CREE worked out... . . . keep reading

Time to be Cautious
John F. Carter 1/21/2014
SPY is churning and burning. This is a time to be cautious. I'll be setting up some potential 10 baggers in the earnings class on Tuesday and Wednesday... . . . keep reading

Tesla Million Dollar Trade
John F. Carter 1/16/2014
Live recording of getting out of the Tesla trade this morning. Plus a recap of the trade... . . . keep reading

How to Trade Earnings Pre Announcments
John F. Carter 1/15/2014
Tesla pre-announced earnings today sending the stock surging higher. Here's how I traded TSLA today and how I managed the position into the close. . . . keep reading

Is This Cause for Concern
John F. Carter 1/14/2014
Is there cause for concern or is this a buying opportunity in the uptrend? Let's dive in... . . . keep reading

High Probability Iron Condors
John F. Carter 1/13/2014
How do you make consistent income while waiting for a bigger trade set up? . . . keep reading

Voodoo in Tech Stocks
John F. Carter 1/8/2014
This is what I'm looking for in some of the bigger tech stocks... . . . keep reading

Top 2014 Tech Stocks
Henry Gambell 1/6/2014
These two tech companies look ready to make a move in 2014 . . . keep reading

Target Options Trading
John F. Carter 1/2/2014
Target is one of my favorite stocks for the start of the New Year. There was a lot of sellers coming in after the credit card theft. Here's what I'm expecting for the retailer... . . . keep reading

Tax Loss Candidate
John F. Carter 12/30/2013
Managing stops in TWTR and reviewing the first tax loss candidate . . . keep reading

TWTR and Tax Loss Selling
John F. Carter 12/27/2013
Reviewing the crazy options action in TWTR today.... . . . keep reading

End of Year Recap
John F. Carter 12/24/2013
Quick recap of my trading for the year. Then into my favorite end of year strategy. . . . keep reading

Divergences in SPY
John F. Carter 12/18/2013
Here is how to tell whether this divergence signal is a go or not . . . keep reading

ETF Options Strategies
John F. Carter 12/17/2013
Updates on ETFs . . . keep reading

Options Trading Strategy: Spotting Bearish Divergence
John F. Carter 12/13/2013
Here's what to look for in the indexes right now . . . keep reading

Options Trading Strategies: Great Risk Reward with Butterflies
Henry Gambell 12/12/2013
Butterfly's are a cheap way to participate in a move, but it's also a great way to put time decay in your favor on options nearing expiration. Let's look at a few. . . . keep reading